You must be 60 years or older and live in Clay County. Most services and programs apply to all Clay County seniors, regardless of their income. Only services like in-home services and home repairs have a maximum income limit to qualify. Please call our office for income guidelines.

Unfortunately, no. Our funding through the tax levy is earmarked for seniors 60 and older.

If you are on Medicaid, you must check with your caseworker to see if you are eligible for in-home services and transportation. (Family Support Division: 816-407-5800) We cannot duplicate services. However, if you are not eligible, we may be able to help.

Services such as PERS, home safety modifications, and education discounts are not based on Medicaid eligibility.

You may be eligible for assistance through the Veterans Administration. Contact Missouri Veterans Commission at (816) 387-2841 or visit

Our services are not covered by Medicare. Check with your doctor to see if you can get any services covered by Medicare.

If you are on Hospice, you are not eligible for any in-home services. You can still use transportation, get PERS, and you may be eligible for home safety modifications.

It is not necessary to come into the office. We can take your information over the phone or refer you to the correct number. If you sign up for in-home services, our providers will call and set up an appointment with you.

Our services such as Lifeline, transportation, and in-home services are for older adults residing in their own homes. We cannot offer these services to seniors who are in assisted living or in long-term care that already offer such services.